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Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2106 – Bicicletas

This week was a pretty awesome week. On Tuesday we had
​Elder Anderson and I meeting at the transfer site
our New & Not-So-New Missionary Training. It used to be called Trainer/Trainee but President Lewis decided to change the name on us. That meeting was super awesome. We went to the mission home and spent some time talking about what we can do to learn together, then with about an hour or so left President Lewis pulled all of the trainers upstairs to talk for a little. During this, President talked to us about the most important qualities a trainer needs to have. He said that in his mission president handbook the qualities listed are: Obedience, Diligence, Experienced Teachers, and Preach My Gospel Knowledgeable. Hearing that I felt pretty humbled. I mean I've only been out a short time and being called to train someone is a huge responsibility. I feel like I know some, but I don't feel prepared enough to teach someone else. Anyway, that was an awesome meeting. It's nice to get to spend some time with President and Sister Lewis. They're both so awesome!
Elder Harman and I's last pic together as
companions. (We bought matching ties at
Burlington, don't worry they were cheap).

We also got a pretty sweet referral this week. So this lady named Roxanna had just moved into her house and found some kinda freaky stuff inside, so she was a little nervous and her mom told her to read the bible. So she downloaded it onto her phone. Well the church has free bible adds on a lot of apps, and when she saw that she figured why not try it out. She filled out all of the information and the referral got sent to the English missionaries in our area. They talked to her and she said she really wanted to learn more about God and start coming to church again. She wants her kids to get into it as well, but she said she learns and understands better in Spanish, so the sisters then re-referred her to us. She seems like she has a ton of potential, but we haven't taught her yet. Our first lesson will be on Tuesday with her. 

​Looking fly with our new bikes
One of the highlights of the week is that we got bikes!! A recent convert family (the Contreras) had some bikes that they haven't used in a long time, and when he heard we needed some he didn't even hesitate. We went over on Friday to have our Recent Convert lesson with them and as we were wrapping up he started to tease us about not having a car, and how we have to walk. Then like out of nowhere he was all we've got two bikes for you. We were pretty shocked. Honestly I wasn't ready for that. So we went out back and checked them out. They're kinda beat up but for the most part are still in good condition. Then we picked two huge bags of plums and they sent us home with them. Biking with those plums was pretty exhausting, but let me tell ya, my thighs are gonna be ripped after I'm done in this area. 

District pic from last transfer.
I'm wearing my new tie. 
I also gave my first district council this week. We met as a district and I had to run it and give a training. I felt pretty good about it, but hopefully the rest of the district thought it went well. I honestly love being a trainer, being a district leader is fun, but not quite what I expected. There is a lot of administrative, behind the scenes stuff, that isn't super fun, but someone's gotta do it.

We helped a member family this week create a family mission plan and it went super well. The family has already done some pretty awesome missionary work and we just wanted to help them kinda solidify what they're doing. 
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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