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Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 - Un bautismo (de otros misioneros)

So this week was a pretty basic and chill week. Not too much happened. We did some tracting, taught some people, and just did a lot of normal missionary work. 
"Still reppin Lehi"

There were some pretty cool parts of the week though. We've started working with this part-member family, the Gurrola's. They're pretty cool. The mom is pretty less active, and the dad is 7th Day Adventist but loves the church for some reason. He just was never baptized. He said he's willing to give it another shot. His only concern is Joseph Smith. He struggles to believe that he was a prophet, so we talked to him about how in order to know Joseph Smith is a prophet is by reading The Book of Mormon, and then praying to know if it is true. He said that he would do it. So we're gonna be going by tonight to see how that went. One night while we were there, his son-in-law came in with like a broken knee and was in a ton of pan. So Hermana Gurrola started doing witch-craft doctor stuff on him. It wasn't witch doctor stuff but it was weird. She put burning rocks on his leg, and then put a glass jar over it, so all the oxygen would burn out and create a vacuum, then she would move it around. After that she would grab him by the ankle and whip it all over the place! It had to have been so painful. The guy was completely passed out on the floor and she looked like she was riding a horse at full speed, and during all this we were trying to teach the Restoration. So kinda an odd lesson.

"Elder Turley just went home.
He was an amazing Elder!"
The only other big event was we went to a baptism for someone named Reyna. She works at the Salvation Army where just about all the missionaries in the Yakima area do service. She started talking with the missionaries in her area about a month ago and just got baptized on Saturday. It was honestly so cool to see it. With her you can easily tell how much the Gospel has changed her life. Before she started taking the lessons, she was angry, didn't like to work, had anxiety attacks all the time, and now she is this upbeat, super happy person who is super cool to be around. When she came up out of the water she had the biggest smile I have ever seen. It was such an amazing spiritual experience to see the pure joy she had, and as she was smiling I had the reconfirming feeling that "this is what it's all about." We as missionaries are here to bring this message of joy to the whole world, and those who accept it, and live it, will have joy for eternity. It was super awesome! Oh and there were like 30ish missionaries there! So that was pretty cool as well. 
"The Zone"

Other than those things nothing out of ordinary missionary life happened. 

I love you all!!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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