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Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 – El Gardin de Eden

Not sure how it happened but this week we just about doubled our usual hours of service. We usually hit around 7 or 8 and this week we hit 19. It was weird because we didn't seem to do too much more than normal. For service we usually just go to the Salvation Army and work in their Food Bank, but this week the Zone Leaders and another set of Elders told us about this place called the Harman Center. It's a place for older people to go and hang out. It's pretty cool. We went and washed dishes for them and helped them serve lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we also worked at the Food Bank a little this week. 
Elder Harman and Elder Miles

We've been working with this lady named Kika for a little bit. She was a referral from the English missionaries that also cover our area. She's pretty awesome and has had some neat experiences. Several years ago she was in really poor health and basically the doctors sent her home to die. They told her that there wasn't anything more they could do for her. So she went home and prayed. A little time later two young men with name tags and white shirts showed up at her door. They prayed with her and did yard work for her because she couldn't walk. Well shortly after meeting the two missionaries she got better. After a lot of prayers with the missionaries (and maybe blessings, we aren't too sure) she got better, but she moved from that house quickly and lost contact with the missionaries. Now we have the chance to teach her. She hasn't gone to church since she got sick and is looking for a church. She remembers what the other Elders did for her and is really interested in learning. She already believes that Joseph Smith had his experience, so that's pretty neat. 

Daniel and Lucia are both still killing it! They love the church! He just needs to be better about reading in the Book of Mormon, and by the time he is baptized he'll be so solid! They have a little boy named Manuel who just recently turned 2 and is so funny! He is always so happy and can get so distracted super easily. And Lucia has a kid who is 8 named Diego, and he is looking to get baptized which is super awesome! We gave him a children's Book of Mormon and he was pretty excited.

Our crazy experience for the week was we met a guy (most likely very, very high on drugs) who started ranting about his beliefs in God. There was a lot of swearing involved, like every other word, but his theories were super funny to listen to. His first theory was that Yakima was the Garden of Eden. He "proved" this by saying that Yakima used to be the most wicked city in the world, and that now God was trying to take it back (by putting religious people in it), and that obviously it was the Garden of Eden because every type of fruit grows here - including the forbidden fruit. I was a little confused about that one. Last time I checked pineapples and bananas did not grow in Yakima. His other theory was that God would give us anything that we wanted, like fame, money, or drugs. He "proved" this by saying that one day he really wanted some drugs so he prayed and asked for them. Well the drugs didn't show up but he found a 20 dollar bill which was then used to go by drugs. He was a super strange guy, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he accepted it with teary eyes. 

This week has been super awesome! On Saturday we get transfer calls! I'll know by next Monday if I'm staying or not!

Love you!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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