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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016 – Nuevo Area (There should be an accent on the first a)

Ricardo and Maribell and their family. They
 were really hard to say goodbye to. Ricardo
even gave me a hug. He's the super tall one.
Well things are pretty awesome here in the new area of Yak South!! The missionaries call Yakima, Yakistan, or the Promised Land. It's a pretty awesome area and I am super pumped to be down here. I honestly cannot wait to get to know the people really well. I can already tell that I'm going to love it. The area we work in is super Spanish, we talk to more Spanish speakers in a day than we did in a week in Moses Lake. It's fantastic! I've already been able to see my Spanish improve since I've been here and I'm really starting to get my confidence in communicating up. I love the Spanish work. The Spanish culture is honestly so amazing! You're hard pressed to find a rude Spanish person. Everyone I talk to is just so nice even if they aren't interested. They always offer water and food, which I'm definitely not complaining about. 

Our area is pretty small. We cover like a two block radius going North to South and like 12ish miles going East to West, but even though it's small it is just packed to the brim with Mexicans. This means that we get a lot of people to talk to and so our pool for teaching people is pretty big. We have a really solid investigator right now named Daniel. He's had a rough life and his wife is a less active member. The first night I was in Yakima he accepted a baptismal date of June 25th! He really wants to be baptized then and is really looking forward to it. His wife, Lucia, told us at church on Sunday that she wants to start participating in the lessons and to start coming back to church. Oh and she wants to feed us which again I ain't complaining about. He is really the biggest investigator we have right now. There are a ton of potentials though, the key will be sorting through them to find those that are interested and ready to listen. 

Refugio and Marisol
The Branch is pretty spectacular. It just split like 6 months to a year ago and really wants to work at growing their numbers again. The Branch President and Branch Mission Leader are working really hard to help the members get excited for missionary work and it looks like they're getting there. I am really excited to be working here though. 

Transfers were a little interesting. According to all the missionaries you never have any idea what is going to happen on transfers with President Lewis. It was tough to say goodbye to some missionaries that I won't probably ever see again and it was tough to say goodbye to some of the members and our investigators. I'm gonna miss Moses Lake but I am so excited to be here. My companion is Elder Harman from Westlake High School. He played basketball over there. He's been out like 7ish months. He and I get along really well already and I'm super excited to keep working with him.  

The apartment isn't too bad. We're living with two other
Sister Wilson and her son.  Sister Wilson fed
Elder Miles many meals and went with on
visits to 
Refugio and Marisol.
English Elders in a little apartment complex thingy. The church has had this apartment for like 5 years and I guess it was pretty gross before I got here. Elder Harman told me that they spent a lot of time cleaning it and trying to make it nice before I got here. 

There is this super good pizza place here in Yakima called Mod Pizza that we were told we had to try. It's like subway but pizza status. You tell them how big you want your pizza then you can put whatever you want on it and however much you want of it. It was so good. I loaded up a pizza with all sorts of good things and practically inhaled it. Thankfully it's not too expensive. 

Love you all!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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