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Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 - La Reunion de Zona

This week was a pretty normal missionary week. Not a whole lot seemed to happen. We just jumped right into the area and spent a good chunk of time finding people. We taught Daniel several more times. He's doing super well and is ready to be baptized, he's just got to get over a few issues which look like they won't be a problem. He's got a strong testimony and a really good fellowshipper so things are going really well with him. Saturday night he made Prime Rib and fed the missionaries. Sadly I was on exchanges so I didn't get to enjoy it. It was a bummer but exchanges were fun.

We went on exchanges with Elder Turley and Elder Najarian. They are two other Elders in our district. I went with Elder Najarian to his area and we taught some pretty cool people. The area he works covers a couple small towns just outside of Yakima so we were driving through a lot of apple, pear, and cherry fields. Which reminds me, we had a lesson with a recent convert family and they have a ton of cherry trees in their backyard, and they loaded up three huge bags full of cherries for us. We've been eating cherries since Friday and have only eaten 1 bag between 4 Elders. We haven't been given any other fruit but I guess pear and apple season starts here in a month so hopefully we get some of those. 

The biggest thing we had this week was Zone Training meeting which was super good. The focus was to help us focus on cultivating our desires. We talked a lot about how the desire is everything and that once you get your desires in the right place you can then set goals to help you get to, and become, the missionary that you want to be. I really love the zone I'm in. It just has an atmosphere of success and they are determined to work really hard. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but Elder Allsop is in my zone now, so we get to spend some time together, which is pretty cool. 

Sunday for dinner we had another Carne Asada which as usual was super good. 

The upcoming week looks really good. Elder Daniel L. Johnson from the seventy is coming to do a mission tour and he is giving a special Spanish Conference on Thursday for all the missionaries in the mission that are Spanish speaking and then on Friday he's doing Zone Conference. He's worked a lot with Spanish speakers so he is going to train us on how we can work with their culture. 

The past few days have been super hot, like over a hundred and boy it's tough. Thankfully our car has AC and we just got our apartment AC fixed. We spent the time since I got to Yakima with an AC that only works for a short time before cutting out but Saturday morning they installed a new one and man that thing was a lifesaver. 

Just so everyone knows the Spanish is coming along really well. I can testify to you that the gift of tongues is something so real. I can do just about everything a missionary needs to do. I can give full lessons, do door contacting, and anything that has to do with the gospel. I'm amazed at how fast it has come, and others are amazed. Oftentimes people ask how long we've been studying Spanish and when we say only a few months they are stunned. I definitely still have a lot to improve on but God definitely made sure that I can teach and do all the missionary work I need to. 

Sorry I don't have a whole lot more to say! Love you all!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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