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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016 – El Templo

At the Columbia River Temple - Elder Miles is the 4th from the left
This week has been an awesome week! The best part of the week was definitely being able to go to the temple! It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to go again! We left pretty early Wednesday morning and went to the Columbia River Temple. Getting to go through as a missionary was really neat but I think my favorite part of the temple has become taking a question to the temple. It's such an amazing place to feel the spirit and receive revelation, and it really helps to focus your thoughts on what you’re doing there. Afterwards we got to go out to eat and we went to Costa Vida! Not quite the same as Cafe Rio but it was still super good.  
At Costa Vida - Elder Miles i the 4th from the left, in the back
We've also had a couple more amazing lessons with Hinocencio this week. On Monday he told us that he wants to do whatever he has to so that he can get baptized. It was so awesome to see how much he's progressed and how much of a desire he has to change his life for the better. He's also been doing so much better with drinking and he's starting to become good friends with everyone in the Branch. We had a member come out with us the other night that clicked really well with him. It was really cool to see.

We got the chance to teach Refugio and Marisol again this week. They are really starting to open up to us and our lessons are always super good but they just are struggling to keep their commitments. They are doing so well and love to learn but if they don't start keeping their commitments we won't be able to teach them anymore. 

The Columbia River
This week the Branch had a Carne Asada (basically a grilling party). The meat was so good! I was dying because the food was so good. We went for our dinner for that day and Hinocencio and Ricardo came along as well. It was super cool to have two investigators there and it was really nice to see the Branch do such a good job at fellowshipping. It will definitely help them as they progress to being baptized. 

Ricardo is doing super well still but he just doesn't have the desire quite yet to actually be baptized. We'll keep working with him, and hopefully something changes. He's been to church for the past month or so and has really enjoyed it. He knows that the church is something really good but he just needs to make the next step and make the effort to figure out if it's true. 
At the temple - Elder Miles is on th
back row, 4th from the right

We also picked up this new investigator this week named Samuel. He's this super awesome, super friendly guy that has so many good insights He's already become a really good investigator and we have planned to meet with him again tonight. Hopefully it goes well. 
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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