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Friday, February 5, 2016

February 3, 20126 - Week 3 in the Bag

This week went by super duper fast. It´s really weird to think that I have been in the MTC for half my time now, and it just keeps getting better. I really love it here and my companions are fantastic as well. Though this week went by fast I don´t feel like I have as much to put in my email this week as I did in my last few. 

Elder Miles and Elder Clements
(soccer teammate)
So last Wednesday was our welcome service project for the new missionaries coming in (I think in my last email I said it was on Thursday but I was mistaken). It was super cool, Elder Clements showed up and it was really great to see him again. He seems to be doing really well, and I´ll send a photo of us together. 

So as Zone Leaders we really don´t have to do a ton. Mostly it´s just getting feedback from our districts and then reporting that to our Branch President every Wednesday, also we have to run Priesthood meeting on Sunday´s and we get to choose the Hymns for Sacrament each Sunday. But anyways, so on Wednesday one of our districts has been having a really tough time following the be with your companion rule. They would just go on splits whenever they wanted simply because they didn´t care much for their companions. So Elder Allsop and I had to talk to each of the companionships and let them know that they need to do better at staying together and to work harder at becoming friends.

P-Day Activity
Thursday was hectic. For some reason our alarm didn´t go off so we ended up running full speed to our early morning study, kind of awful but we do all we can to be exactly obedient. We have been taught that being obedient brings blessings and being exactly obedient brings miracles, and I definitely feel like miracles are something I could use. We also had our first TRC on Thursday which we joke means Teach Recent Converts. It´s really something like Teaching Resource Center, but every Thursday we do TRC and you either teach less actives, non members, investigators, or potential members. One of our "investigators" turned out to actually be a non-member and it was super stressful trying to teach them, cause we don´t really understand Spanish very well, and they are talking super fast and really quiet. Though it was hard I felt like the lesson went well and the spirit was good. At the end the non member even prayed for us and committed to reading the BoM. Then that night we had a welcome meeting for our new district. So now in our zone we have four districts, and I guess before we arrived there was only 2. So it´s a lot of work but I really love the districts I get a chance to get to know. They are all so fantastic.

On Thursday I also got the chance to give a blessing to one of the Hermanas in my district. She was super stressed and freaking out, but she asked for a blessing and as I gave her one I had the oddest feeling like I wasn´t even the one talking. It was an awesome experience! At one point during the blessing I said "This is exactly where the Lord needs you to be." I didn´t realize it at the time of the blessing but the Hermana was seriously considering going home. This was such a testimony builder on the power of the Priesthood.

Nothing spectacular happened Friday or Saturday really. They were just basic days of learning and teaching but they were really cool though, full of the Spirit and good laughs.
The District

The Sundays are wonderful, this one wasn´t really any different than the last few but I did learn that Dallin H. Oaks is coming to give a devotional in a few weeks. So thankfully I´ll be here for that. I love Sundays in the CCM so much, they are just so full of the Spirit and strength of the Lord. 

On Monday we had our first "ayuno de ingles" which is a fast from English for the entire day. It was really hard, but I was surprised at how much I was able to speak. It was hard, but I definitely feel like it helped. Elder Klossner got really sick that day and we didn´t spend a whole lot of time in class unfortunately. The doctor said he needed to rest, so Elder Allsop and I just studied Spanish while Elder Klossner slept in the infirmary. 

Tuesday was pretty basic, nothing too much to report other than we spent the second half of the day in the casa, because Elder Klossner was struggling in class. It was supposed to be our P Day but they switched it to Wednesday because our maestros were being evaluated by their bosses on Tuesday. 

I really love being here. I know the church to be true and my testimony on the Prophet Joseph Smith has been strengthened as I´ve been here. I love you all!

Hasta siguente semana!!

Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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