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Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 - Too Much to Write About!!

Ahhhh - it's been two weeks since I was last able to write a letter and I have so much to write about!!! I don't know if I'll have time to write everything!! So I'm gonna jump right into it. 

Two weeks ago we had the chance at the CCM to listen to President Oaks and Elder Clayton. The devotional was absolutely amazing!! Except, I can't remember a whole lot. I left all my notes in my journal and sadly my journal is back in my house, so I'll do my best to remember that for next week. It was spectacular though, and I even got to sing in the choir, though as most of you know, I'm not much of a singer. The spirit during the devotional was absolutely amazing!! Listening to a prophet of God speak about missionary work strengthened my desire to serve so much, and my testimony of the prophets and apostles grew tremendously. 

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The rest of the week at the CCM was pretty much the same as usual. Nothing crazy happened and we did class like normal, the craziness started as we began to pack for our flight to the mission field. The night before we left Elder Allsop and I were up until midnight finishing packing, then we had to wake up at 2 to get to the airport on time. SO we were running on pretty low energy, but it was all worth it, because at the airport Elder Allsop and I had the opportunity to teach this man named Jugo, and give him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He was this older guy from Columbia that we sat by while waiting for our flight, and as we got talking we just kinda started teaching him the Restoration. The whole time he seemed pretty interested but when we got to the part about Joseph Smith and the First Vision Jugo began to tear up. I could tell he was feeling the spirit, and I pray that he read the Book of Mormon and upon his return to Columbia he looked up the church and had missionaries come over. If not, we got the chance to teach and help a man feel the spirit. Thankfully he understood English, otherwise it would have been much harder to teach him. 

It's time to do this!
Then in the LA airport we met a guy named Zachary who had been investigating the church for about a month and a half. He approached the Sisters while we were getting some lunch and asked if he could pray with the Elders because he was terrified of flying. So we got back and prayed with him. Elder Allsop offered the prayer, we talked with him some more and he was on his way. He was a really humble man, and I hope with all my heart that he continues to investigate the church. He definitely has a lot of faith. 

Elder Miles with President and Sister Lewis
Eventually we got to Yakima where I had the chance to meet the mission President. President Lewis is an absolutely amazing man. He's so humble, so intelligent, and so full of the spirit it's astonishing really. I am so excited to have him be my mission president for the duration of my mission. We spent the night in the mission home, actually Elder Allsop and I went next door because there weren't enough beds for the 24 new missionaries, but wow the beds were comfy. 

The next day we left for transfers and I got to meet my trainer!! His name is Elder Spackman from Bountiful. He's an amazing missionary. He is currently the district leader, and last transfer was a zone leader - so a super good missionary. He's been out like 20 months. He's way cool, we get along really well, and we have a lot of the same likes. He wants to do Aerospace Engineering as well! Also the other missionaries in my apartment are the zone leaders, so I am just super blessed to have very diligent and hard working missionaries that I can look to as an example.

We've been doing a lot of tracting since I've been here. Elder Spackman and I got doubled into our area, so neither one of us had any idea about where to tract and really what's been going on in the area. We are currently serving in the 9th Branch in Moses Lake, and we are in the North Area, which is pretty beat up. Most of our area is really old trailer parks or super beat up apartments, kinda sketchy at night. 

We are currently teaching three investigators. An 18 year old named Jesus whose sister is a member. He's way cool and already knows that he needs to change, we just need him to come to church. He's currently got a baptismal date for March 19th. Then last night, we tracted into this awesome little family. It's Elario and Roxanna and their two year old son Andreas. They are super ready to hear the Gospel and when we gave them a Book of Mormon Roxanna was so excited to receive a copy. They are both really cool and really humble. They are living in a little 2 room super beat up apartment. If everyone could pray for my investigators that would be awesome! I know the power of prayer works!! Also put their names on the temple prayer list please. The more prayers the better!
One last one ...
That's just about it. I'll end with a little but strange experience. We were tracting an apartment complex and we knocked on this older guy's door. Upon opening he asked for identification, like a temple recommend, because he was worried we were part of the CIA. He claims to be an underground Mormon. Not sure what that means, but basically what I got was that he was put undercover by the government and they were forcing him to not practice. Not sure what that means, but it was fun!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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