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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 9, 2016 - Attitude not Aptitude determines Altitude

Our Branch President loves to quote that all the time. He´s such a cool, amazing and kind guy. President Machadoloves wants to inspire and uplift and I think he says that quote just about every time we see him. 

Anyways, to get down to the nitty gritty. I don't have as much to talk about this week since our last week the P Day was changed to Wednesday instead of Tuesday but we´ll still had a lot of good experiences. On Thursday we had our second TRC which was really cool. We taught this older guy about prayer, and he shared this awesome experience with us about how he meet the missionaries through the power of prayer. It was such a neat experience and the whole time I thought he was an inactive member, but afterwards I found out was a member. Guess I still need a little work on my Spanish. Oh, also on Thursday, we had another Zone issue. One of our Elders was caught looking through the personal journal of another Elder and we had to tell the Branch President about it. Everything seems okay and it seems to have blown over. Every week I hope that there isn´t another problem, but sadly my wish hasn´t come true yet. 
Zone "Selfie"

Friday was a very spiritual day. I spent a personal study time, about an hour, talking with an Elder Hasara about spiritual gifts. I really love Elder Hasara a lot. He´s in one of the districts in our zone and is just the nicest most Christ like guy I know, but anyways, we got talking about spiritual gifts and I decided that I needed to spend some time trying to develop those gifts that I have been blessed with. As I have worked towards developing this gift my mind recollected on several things in my past and I realized that those gifts had been developing inside me and that now it was my duty to work on those gifts so that I may use them to bless the people in Washington and those around me. 

Saturday was a pretty mellow day, just a basic day of class and few problems. We taught one of our investigators and she brought her "husband" along because we had invited her too, and it was really neat to see how the Gospel can bring happiness into the lives of families. He didn't seem to take it as well, but it was pretty awesome. 

The Guys
Wow, Fast Sunday was pretty spectacular. Every time, just when I think I can´t feel the spirit any stronger, we have an experience like that. We had a 24 hour fast that started on Saturday after lunch and ended Sunday at lunch. Anyways, during sacrament meeting listening to the powerful testimonies of the missionaries was awesome. I could feel the spirit so strongly, and then I got up and bore my testimony on the power of the Atonement in my life and how through its strength we can do all things. I shared my experience with Terik and could barely make it through. I was choking up a lot but I could feel his spirit and the Holy Ghost as well. Then as I was breaking my fast I had an extremely personal experience while praying that I will never forget, and through that prayer I learned several things. First, that God listens and answers all those who seek him with pure faith. Second, that the power of prayer is so real. My testimony on prayer has grown in huge leaps since I've been here, and I can't help but wish that I had prayed with more intent at home. 

Monday was another rather basic day. We had four teaching visits, which was extremely stressful because we generally get about five minutes to plan for each lesson when we are only teaching two investigators, but with four we had probably 2 minutes. It was crazy but I have learned that when you rely on the Spirit after doing all you can to prepare, that he will guide your words.

Also Elder Zippi left Monday for Chile. It's sad to see him go
Elder Miles and Elder Zippi
because it was always good to have a friendly face to see, but I'm excited for him to get to the field.

As a little bonus I got a hair cut this morning. In fact the whole trio did. We all look a little different, but mine the least of all. My hair was probably the shortest before I got it cut. 

I found a scripture this week in Mosiah 24:14 and 15. I suggest everyone go read it. It's an amazing scripture!!

Love you all so much, and I know that the Lord loves you all so much more than I ever can. 

Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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