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Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Chloe...Our New Fridge!!

Jose Rios came to church yesterday! He came for all three hours and absolutely loved it! He just gets stronger and stronger in the Gospel and he loves it. He just recently finished 2nd Nephi and is starting Jacob. He has kept telling us that he wants to understand more about the Book of Mormon before he gets baptized and so we're going to focus really hard on just reading as much as we can in the BoM, so that way he feels comfortable with it. He's going to get baptized, the biggest question however is when. He knows it's the next step and he wants to make it. He just also wants to know more. He honestly seems like a member now. He answers questions in Gospel Principles and loves learning. 

Also Jorge Gonzalez came to church again!! He hasn't been
Spray painting the skyscrapers for Special Olympics
n a couple weeks and this week he told us that he has been missing coming to church. He came to church and honestly really seemed to like it. He doesn't have much of any background in God and so we've slowed down a lot with him and we're just focusing on helping him with the little things (namely prayer), and teaching him little by little. Since we've started to do that he's changed a lot already. He seems happier and he'll call us to set up lessons. It's been really cool to see the change in him and Jose as they've made changes in their lives.

Sadly the Zavala family didn't come to church. They told us they were going to come but didn't make it. We're not sure why but they're doing good still. They've been reading in the BoM and have really enjoyed the changes they've seen in their lives. On Saturday night we had a short lesson with them and their Husky spent the entire lesson throwing up so I decided to try and win some brownie points and cleaned it up. It was super gross but worth it. He also peed. I think I spent 20 minutes washing my hands. 

Blowing up balloons for Special Olympics
This last weekend we also got to do service for the Special Olympics. The statewide Olympics for the winter are generally held here in Wenatchee and they always ask for missionary help. So we went Friday and Saturday morning and helped set up for all the indoor activities and events. We probably blew up like 4,000 balloons. Thankfully they had a bunch of helium tanks.

Yesterday in church we had Stake Correlation. I think Stake
​Special Olympics was superhero themed.
So we made a skyscraper.
Not the best job, but it could have been worse.
Correlations are one of my most favorite things about serving here in Wenatchee. President Hunsaker is honestly so cool. He has so much excitement and energy for missionary work and it's extremely catchy. President and Sister Lewis came yesterday as well and they loved the meeting.  

On Thursday we spent the day down in Yakima for exchanges with the APs. It's always weird going back there and seeing all the things that I spent 4 and a half months seeing. It was super fun though. We had some good success.

​CHLOE...keeps the food real fresh...
and my tag is upside down whoops
So the reason for the title. Our fridge was super gross. Had a lot of rust on it and was falling apart. The top shelf broke last week because there has been nearly 10 gallons of stuff on it. So we called and got a BRAND NEW ONE!! Then we named it Chloe and she keeps the food real cold.  

Love you all!!! The church is true!! Hope you have a good week!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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