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Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 – JOSE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!

This week was sooooo awesome! We spent so much time working
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with Jose and preparing him for his baptism!!! On Monday last week he was a little nervous about the first of April, he said he wasn't sure if that was the day he wanted, but as we talked he eventually told us that the day didn't matter as long as he was able to make that baptismal covenant with God. When he said that it blew my mind. He is probably one of the most converted people to the Gospel I have ever seen. He's not converted to us or the ward but he is converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He understands what faith is, how to repent, and he told us Saturday night that he super is excited to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. He'll be baptized this Saturday, the first of April, at 4 in the afternoon, just before the Priesthood session. 

It's been super cool to watch him progress and I am so grateful for this opportunity and I have learned so much from it as well. One of the biggest things I have learned from Jose is how we ought to honor the commandments. He treats them very sacredly and understands that they come directly from God. As soon as he learns a new commandment he doesn't hesitate to keep it. He just says "okay" and dives in, even before he knows what the blessings are. Like with the Word of Wisdom and Tithing. With both of those commandments he was like "alrighty I'll do it. If it's a commandment then I need to do it." It has helped me to realize just how I should treat and honor the commandments. They are not suggestions or things that are good to do. They are given to us from God and we need to keep them and as we do, God promises to bless us. 

This has been a theme for me throughout the week. I have pondered and thought a lot about the scripture in Mosiah 2:22. It says "And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you." It's so simple! Yet such a powerful promise. All he requires is that we keep His commandments, and when we do that he promises to give us success, and as we know, God is bound to His promises. 

Jose is honestly doing so well. I wish that I could just record every lesson we have with him and send them home to you. He just has so much desire to be better. It is really cool. On Saturday we had an awesome lesson with him about the Atonement and Baptism and he told us about some of the changes he had seen in his life since he started reading in the Book of Mormon and going to church. He feels like he has changed a lot and we have recognized it as well. 

One of the coolest changes I have seen in him is how personal his prayers have become. He just empties his soul to God, and the Spirit is so strong every time he does it. Another is just his countenance. He just looks different. When I first knocked into him when I was with Elder Aguirre he just looked sad (for lack of a better word), but now he has this light about him, and it's sooo cool to see!

 A neat experience with him was on Sunday in Priesthood. Bro Clive (our Ward Mission Leader) stood up and announced his baptism on Saturday and Jose's biggest fellowship, Hno Martinez, was so shocked. I didn't see his face but Elder Cannon told me that is was first like pure shock, and then pure happiness. He then turned to Jose and gave him a huge smile and a big fist bump and then after church Hno Martinez spent like 15-20 minutes just talking with him and sharing scriptures. 

Man I wish I could keep going but I'm running out of time. Jorge is still doing well. We had several nice lessons with him and he's progressing very slowly. He is now praying twice a day and reading 2 verses a day, which is a lot for him. His biggest thing is that a lot of what he learns just doesn't stick, however he has seen some awesome progress and looks a lot happier lately. 

We also had interviews with President again this week and as usual it was an amazing experience. They're always so spiritual. 

Anyway love ya all!! 
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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