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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017 - What a good week!

Honestly this week has been so good! I honestly am not quite sure where to begin. It's just been so full of miracles and spiritual experiences and I am blown away by how cool the week was.

So this week was transfer week and Elder Cannon and I got asked to be site coordinators down in Quincy. Just about everyone has to go through Quincy to get to the rest of the mission, and it was super cool because we got a chance to see a bunch of missionaries. 

That was fun but not that cool. Then on Friday we had Zone Conference with Elder Juan A Uceda from the Seventy. I don't know if you all remember him but he gave an awesome conference talk last conference about a story on his mission when he was a Zone Leader and his zone went to visit Machu Pichu I believe. Then he nearly ended up falling off a cliff. Any way he came to the mission and gave us some amazing insights. I wish I could have recorded it and sent it home but that's against church policy. It was honestly so good and so spirit filled. I can't really describe it. He just had this presence and power to him, and it was so good. 

Elder Klossner, Elder Allsop and I with Elder Uceda.
His wife is on the back left. He was soooo cool!!!!
One of my favorite quotes from his talk/discussion thing was "I cannot follow a stranger." He was talking about our relationship with Christ and how we have to know him before we can follow him. 

It was also really fun to talk to his wife and him in Spanish. He speaks really good English but she doesn't know much so it was super cool to practice a little Spanish with them. 

Then after Zone Conference we stuck around and had a special Mission Leadership Council with Elder Uceda. It was another super spiritual experience with him. He taught a lot of things, but one of the biggest things that stuck out to me as I sat in MLC was about the power of a simple and sincere testimony. It made me realize that I spend too long trying to convince people to read in the Book of Mormon, pray, or go to church, and instead I need to just bear my testimony. 

That Friday was super powerful and I have a lot of things that I want to work on this coming week. 

Friday night we also had another lesson with Jose! Basically what we did was teach him what we learned from Elder Uceda that day. During Zone Conference Elder Uceda went over Moroni 10:3-5 with us and just pulled it apart. Especially verse 3. He talked a lot about how in verse 3 are the things that Moroni tells us to do in order to prepare to ask and receive an answer. Basically that you can't have verses 4 and 5 if you don't have 3. It was so cool. In verse 3 Moroni invites us to remember how merciful the Lord has been and then to ponder on those things. So he told us that remembering means to remember all of the blessings that he has given us so he told us to write down our blessings. Which is what we did with Jose. We read Moroni 10:3-5 and told him to write down his blessings in preparation to get his answer about baptism. 

We were driving and I thought this was funny.
Then on Saturday we had another lesson with him in which we read a bunch of stories from the Book of Mormon about how different people got their prayers answered in different ways and in different amounts of time. The last story we read was about the brother of Jared and how when he took his question to God, God basically said "What do you want me to do about it?" Then he went and made his rocks and went back to the Lord. We told Jose that this was very much the position he was in. He has been praying and not yet had an answer about when. So we told him, basically God is looking for you to make the first step and so we set a date with him! He's currently working towards April 1!!
When we asked him if he would prepare for that day, he told us that he wasn't sure what it would take. When we told him that he had learned everything and basically just needed the interview he was surprised. He then told us that it didn't matter how many questions he was asked he was going to answer them. It was so cool! He is so ready and is doing soooo well!!! This lesson was probably one of the most spirit led in my whole mission. I literally didn't feel like I had to do a single thing. I just opened my mouth and the words came out. 

Jorge is also doing really well he's just progressing a lot slower. This week our big focus with him was just getting him to read. So our commitment was to read one verse a day, which he has kept all week! He came to church and enjoys it every time, he just doesn't really understand much of anything about God and doesn't catch on to things very well. 

Honestly this week was so powerful, so spiritual I honestly cannot describe it with words, but I feel so motivated to work just that much harder. My testimony has grown so much this week, and I am super excited to share it!

Love you all!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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