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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 27, 2017 – Milagros

We've seen some pretty amazing miracles this week and it's been amazing! I honestly can't describe the level of excitement I feel for this area!

First off we had a Family Home Evening with Jose Rios at a member’s house, it went super well. It was the Villalobos family that was in charge of it and Hermano Villalobos taught an awesome lesson on prophets. It was so good and honestly helped Jose out a ton. Then we had a lesson on Wednesday with him and we talked a little about the temple and the Atonement. We had some members with us that are going to through the temple soon to get sealed and they talked a little with Jose about what happens in the temple. 

Then on Friday we had an amazing lesson with him. We took his main fellowshipper, Hermano Martinez, and he was super led by the spirit during the lesson. Somehow he was able to get a concern out of Jose that we had no idea that he had. Jose was confused on who had the authority on the earth today, and how it was given to us. The member also got Jose to tell us about how he felt about the BoM. Jose told Hno Martinez that at first he only read the BoM because he had committed to us that he would, but now that he's been reading it he has this feeling in his chest that he says makes him want to read it. Also in his closing prayer he told God that this is where he wants to be, he just needs an answer. It was such a good lesson!

Then he came to church yesterday again! For all three hours! And he came to the classes with us instead of going to Primary! It was such a good Sunday for him to come. It was our Ward Conference yesterday and the Stake Presidency was in charge of everything so we talked all about the Atonement and Jose was even taking notes! It was so cool! 

Also this week we've started working really hard with a family. It's the Zavala family. Fernando and Ana are the parents and they have a 16 year old girl named Julissa and an 8 year old boy named Fernando, but they call him Jr. This little family is so cool. We've taught them several times and this week we had a church tour with them. At the church tour we finally met the mom Ana. The church tour was super good. It was on a Wednesday night and it was bumpin with people. Mutual was happening and there was so many people but the Zavala family loved it. 

Then this weekend we focused really hard on making sure they came to church. We went over Sunday morning and spent 20 minutes talking to Julissa and her mom at the door just resolving some of their concerns about the church, but it worked out well because they promised us they would come. And they did! They came and loved it! Especially little Fernando Jr. He was so excited at the church tour and just wanted to come sooo bad. When we found him for our 3rd hour Sacrament meeting he told us that he had just had the "fastest 2 hours of church in his whole life!!!!!" He told us that an hour at another church felt like 5 and 2 hours in our church felt like 40 minutes. He had had so much fun and he said his favorite thing was how much he was able to learn. Julissa was also amazed at how fast it went and she really enjoyed it as well. 

We thought it was pretty easy for them to come to church but I guess when Fernando the dad showed up and they were all getting ready to go to church he told them no. He had been in jail for a day the week previous and while in jail he had made a promise to God that if he was released he would continue going to the Christian church that he was going to. Well he got out and when Sunday rolled around he told everyone that they were going to their other church. Well this didn't fly so well with Jr. He started crying and was so upset. He cried for so long that eventually Fernando let up and said they would come to our church. So they came! And they really enjoyed it. Julissa told us this story during church and we were so proud of little Jr!

This helped me understand even more why Christ told us that we should be as little children. They have such pure intentions and I think that it is a lot easier for them to feel the spirit than for people who are older. 

Another cool experience this week was we had a member of an English ward hook us up with an awesome referral! He had us come over to his house on Thursday and we had an awesome lesson with Rosy and Luis! The member had invited them to take the lessons and they said they'd love to. During the lesson Rosy said that she and Luis had been talking and that they wanted have a church for their family and because they had had such great friends in the church they decided that this was the church that they wanted to be a part of. She talked about how all members of the church are so loving and have such an amazing light about them and that she wanted this so bad for her family. We're super excited for them. They basically told us that they are going to be members, now we just have to teach them the lessons and help them receive their answers. 

This week we also had Zone Conference. We learned a lot about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was super cool and we got to watch a lot of videos that were trainings given to President and Sister Lewis form the missionary department in Salt Lake. It was a super spiritual experience and we've already seen some cool miracles with this re-emphasis on teaching repentance and baptizing people who are converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There were so many other amazing things that happened this week but I don't have time to write it all! Love you!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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