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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017 - La Iglesia

So this week was pretty awesome. To start it's been wonderful with the new schedule. I love it. Honestly it's so nice to be able to have a little bit more of a choice in when I want to do things. It's been super nice. I think the best part is that I can actually wake up before I have to start working out. 

This week we also had an opportunity to have interviews
At MLC a couple weeks ago we had a mini MTC reunion. Me,
Elder Allsop, Hermana Andrews, and Hermana Torrez all came
from the MTC on the same day. Elder Cannon (my comp)
is photo bombing us in the back.
with President Lewis! Interviews are always so amazing and I feel like I always learn so much, but they're always way too short. They’re usually only 15 to 20 minutes when I wish I could spend all day asking him questions. This interview I asked President what is something that I could improve and I really liked his answer. He told me that something that would be good for me to work on is making sure love is my motive for everything. He said that this is something tough for everyone, but as I work on that my abilities as a missionary and a leader will improve and I will be able to become more Christ like. So I've been working on that this week and I am excited to see what comes from it. 

So this week we have been able to teach Jose Rios four times, and he came to church! He is doing so good! Honestly he loves everything about the Gospel and he told us on Wednesday that he is going to get baptized but he doesn't know when. He says it won't be a long time but he doesn't want to rush it. He has been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and he remembers and understands it so well. He had a lesson with us last night and he talked a little about what he learned in 2 Nephi 3, and how it prophesied about Joseph Smith, and he was the one to recognize that! It was so cool. He also remembered so much from the talks in Sacrament about the Atonement and grace. 

We stopped here the other night for dinner.
It's pretty delicious.
I am so excited for him. He is doing so well. We also have a few other people we're working with who have a lot of potential as well. One is this young family whose parents are Lucia and Jose and they have two little kids. They just want to draw their little family closer to God and they've had a cool experience so far. However Lucia got hurt at work this week and they weren't able to come to church. There is another small family. We've taught them a few times and they have a great desire to come closer to God, they just need to be a little better about acting in faith.

I think that's it for the week! It's been an awesome week and I'm so excited for this coming one!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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