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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Cafe Rio!

Mission office staff: Sister and Elder Call, Me, Elder
and Sister Thompson.  
They're honestly so great!

Had to make sure to get a pic with them before the
of the year when they finish their missions. 
Well, I got to Wenatchee this week and there's a Cafe Rio here! And yup we've already been to it. We went in-between Saturday's sessions, and it was soooo good. I got a classic pulled pork salad, cause I needed to have that ranch. That was definitely a huge highlight for the week, of course other than General Conference. 

The Garcia and Verduzco families!
Coolest families in the branch! 
Sister Garcia,Diana, Jessica, Sister Verduzco,
 Elizabeth, Laura,and Erika. 
General Conference was so cool though! I honestly love being a missionary and watching conference. I'm not sure that conference will ever be the same. You get so hyped to watch conference that every talk just blows your mind. I loved conference and I would have to say that my favorite talk was President Uchtdorf's Saturday morning session talk. He said "We tread a path covered with diamonds, but we can scarcely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles." When I heard this it kinda hit me about how often we don't look hard enough at what we have. We often look beyond the mark and we become too focused on the little things, but we don't recognize the beauty of the things around us.

The kids that came to church with us that last 
Sunday - Manny, Me, Jr, Chewy, and Anthony
Their sister didn't want to be in the pic
So, a little about my area now. My new companion is Elder Ruben Geata and he's way awesome! He's is a convert of about two or so years and has given up a professional BMX biking career to be out here on a mission. He's won several world championships and was like the leading edge for bikers before he came on his mission. He's a super awesome Elder and is about 21. He came out on his mission a transfer after I did. I'm still District Leader here and I have another set of Elders and the Sister Training Leaders in my district. I'm super stoked to be here. It's a super pretty area and I can't wait to get going. This week was a little different because of conference so we didn't get a whole lot of teaching done, but it looks good. The area I cover is a little richer so finding the Hispanics will be a little harder, but I'm excited. We also cover three little towns outside of Wenatchee, they're called Orondo, Waterville, and Entiat. 

​This is the Dominguez family. David, me, Uriel, 
Arnulfa, Uziel, and Gael. He's the new Elders Quorum 
President and is killing it! His family has only 
been in the church for a few short years, and 
now they're getting sealed in October! 
Its weird being here, and I miss Yakima, but I'm way excited to start new here and get things moving.
Love you all!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission
Daniel Santos. Elder Harman and I were working with him for 3 months until our area got split, and he is now being taught by the other elders. While we were saying goodbye he taught us the Restoration and killed it. His testimony is super solid!

Reyna. She works at Salvation Army and got baptized after she met the missionaries that were doing service. She's so awesome!

The Contreras family! Aurora, Crystal, Me, Oscar -
their son didn't want to be in the pic

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