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Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Another normal week

Our email time got shortened this week because our P-Day is
Elder Miles
actually going to be tomorrow. So this email will be a little bit shorter. We get to go to the temple again and so our P-Day was switched so that way we don't miss too much proselyting time. This last week was just another normal missionary week though. Nothing crazy or too exciting happened, except that it rained every day. I love this area up here. 

The two coolest things we got to do this week was first, we got to teach Mario again! We called him and we set up a lesson for Friday and when we got there he first tried to give us coffee, so there's a small obstacle, but after that we had a really good lesson with them. We taught him and his kids and the spirit was super strong. At the end when we invited him to be baptized he said that he wasn't going to promise anything right then because he wanted to spend some time with it. He wanted to take it seriously, which is really good. 

Widening the path
Then the other thing we got to do was do service for a horseback riding for those with disabilities company. We helped to widen their riding trail and cleaned it up a little. It was super fun and we got to take pictures with the horses afterwards. That's all I've got time for this week. Sorry!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission
"All of us with a horse."  Elder Miles is the 3rd from the left and Elder Gaeta is the 2nd from the right.

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