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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 26, 2016 - El Traslado

That apple is actually that big. It's at
least 2/3rds of my face
Well Saturday we got our transfer calls and sadly I'm going to be transferred up to Wenatchee serving in the Rocky Reach area. I get to serve in one of the two Spanish wards in our mission so that should be pretty exciting. President told me when he called us that he felt like I was needed in Wenatchee for some reason, so I'm interested to see what that will be. It's gonna be pretty tough to leave, but I'm excited. The Terrace Heights Branch has come to feel like home and I'm really going to miss it. Yesterday after church we had a branch potluck and I just stepped back and looked at everyone. It was honestly super hard, not gonna lie. I was amazed to see all the
​This is the branch president's family. Brother Wilson (married to Alina Juarez), Me, President Roberto Juarez, grandson Aiden Wilson, Alina Juarez Wilson, Hna Macaria Juarez, and Ariana Juarez
lives I had the chance to touch, and the lives that touched me. I am so glad to have been able to serve here! 

This week was a pretty awesome week! We met these five kids that are all super awesome and they have been interested in coming to church and learning more, and so yesterday all five of them came to church! It was crazy! Yesterday at church there were 8 visitors, our 5 kids and 3 others that members invited! It was super cool! That's been my favorite thing that I have seen since I've been here. The desire to do missionary work in the branch has grown so much! The change has been so awesome!
The Torrez family - Little Mateo, Rafeal, Me, Ayde, Andrea, and little baby Diego
When Elder Harman and I were companions we worked with them for our
two transfers and helped them return to activity.
The family that came is the Castillo family. The oldest is a girl named Selene(18), then Manny(14), Chewy(13), Jr.(10), and then their cousin Anthony(10). We've taught them a couple times this week and it's been awesome! As soon as we start talking about the Gospel they go instantly quiet and focus really well. It's been super awesome to teach them this week, but it's kinda hard to leave. Outside of them we found several more people who look like they could progress really well. It's tough to leave the area at this point but I feel good that I have helped it grow into something more than it was when I got here.
Last P-Day: Zone Party
There has been a lot of progress here, and even though I didn't see a whole ton of personal success (such as baptisms), the branch did, and I feel good knowing I was able to help them get there. 

The church is true!
Love you all!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission
Mount Adams from the view outside our church building

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