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Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 - La Pistola

This week was pretty darn awesome! With Elder Harman better we've been able to get out and find some pretty cool people. 

Elder Harman and Elder Miles

We knocked into this lady at the beginning of the week by the name of Esther and she told us that we could stop by on Thursday. We thought this was the whole "oh you can come by some other day" thing that Mexicans do because they are generally too nice to tell you no. So we figured we'd stop by but we didn't expect a whole lot out of it. Anyways, when we showed up that afternoon she was ready and waiting for us. It was kinda surprising to be honest. Anyways, we sat down outside with her and taught her the Restoration. It was a super good lesson, probably one of the most spiritual I've had. At one point I felt prompted to ask her how she was feeling and she told us that what we were saying was giving her a strength that she's been missing. She told us she could feel a peace and a calm. It was super cool. We extended a baptismal invite and she agreed to be baptized. She told us that "es me toca," which means it's my turn. She said she'd talked to missionaries in the past but she said she felt she was ready to do this. It was a super spiritual and amazing lesson. 

Elder miles, Elder Harman, Elder Vejnar, Elder Hansen
This week we probably also had the craziest experience I've had since I've been out. By crazy I mean dangerous I guess. First off don't worry I'm fine and nothing bad did happen, it just came really close. We were walking by a Fiesta Foods grocery store (only Mexican food) on our way to knock some trailer park and we saw this guy sleeping on the ground. We didn't think much of it but when we came back about an hour later to get in our car and go to dinner, the guy that was sleeping was standing up and yelling at two guys that had pulled up in a car. The guy in the car kept saying to the guy we passed by earlier things like "You ripped me off," "You owe me," all sorts of crazy things like that. The whole time they were yelling the guy in the car had his hand on his waist and was definitely hiding a gun under his shirt. As we walked by I said to Elder Harman "Dude, that guy's got a gun," and he was all "Yea he does." We ended up walking by like ten or so feet away. Super close, and the whole time the guy in the car was threatening the guy that had been asleep. I know for sure someone was going to get shot and we were going to be witnesses, and we definitely stand out, which is probably not good. So we were pretty nervous. Thankfully some Good Samaritan guy that was driving by saw what was going on and pulled up by them and honked his horn at them to get them to break it up. Finally, the two guys in the car drove off and the other guy walked away. It was pretty crazy though. I'm super glad nothing happened but it made me appreciate where I'm at right now and what I'm doing. So yea don't worry everything is fine.

Daniel is coming along really well. He and Lucia prayed and read in the Book of Mormon for the first time together this week. Daniel said that has helped them with their relationship, which is super good. He is so solid. This week he showed up to church and brought the 2 kids by himself. Lucia had to work so she couldn't come. It was super awesome to see that, even though it was going to be difficult with two little kids by himself, he still wanted to be spiritually uplifted by church. 

Another couple funny and crazy experiences. We met this ex-member this week who told us that Jesus was a gangster and that his 12 apostles were his posse, or his crew. Told us he hung out around all the crummy people and partied and whatnot. He said he still believed in Christ, just on a different level. Kind of weird, but it just goes to show how important it is to have Priesthood authority to interpret the scriptures. We also drove by this tent city on our way to correlation one evening. There are probably 50 or so homeless people living there. It's not in our area but it was pretty cool to see. They've even got Porta Potties now, it's been growing pretty fast I guess. The city decided that it was best to just try and support it rather than get rid of it. Oh, and I tried Mole (pronounced Moe-Lay) this week. It's this Mexican sauce that is made with chocolate. It's basically spicy chocolate, kinda
weird, but not too bad. 

I think that's all for the week. Love you all!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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