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Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 - Los Estados Unidos

Happy Birthday 'Merica!!!!

Surprisingly everyone up here in Yakima either seems to be Mexican (don't worry I'm not being racist everyone really is Mexican), or Redneck. There isn't a whole lot in between the two. 

I'm trying to think about what to tell you but I forgot my journal back at the apartment, so I'll do my best to remember what happened this week. Hopefully I don't
accidentally repeat anything. 

Umm to start it off we had our transfer calls on Saturday, but Elder Harman and I are staying together for another transfer!!! This last transfer has been super awesome! Elder Harman and I get along really well, so we're pretty stoked for another transfer together. 

After morning workouts
We taught some pretty cool people again this week. We had an awesome lesson with Daniel about Baptism. Lucia, Daniel's girlfriend, has an 8 year old boy who they want to get baptized as well. So we're gonna start working with him and help him prepare for baptism while still teaching Daniel. 

We also had another awesome lesson with Esther. It happened while we were on exchanges, so Elder Najarian and I taught her. It was a super good lesson and there was a point that blew my mind. She told us that about two months ago she was really struggling and asked God to help her out, help her know that He was looking out for her. She left to Mexico after that and made it there and back safely. At first she took this as the help she needed, but then a few days later we knocked on her door. She told us that she believes that us knocking on her door was that answer she was looking for
After playing indoor soccer
from God. It was really pretty amazing. Her struggle is just getting to church. She works on Sundays until 2 and our sacrament is last and ends at 3:20, so she's trying to find a way to change her schedule around so she can make it.

I'm trying to think if we've had any other big things happen. Mostly it's been normal missionary work. I am super grateful to be out here. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing right now. My testimony has grown tremendously since I've come out here. I had a good testimony when I was at home but I feel like it's been strengthened 3 or 4 times as much. There are a lot of people who try to bash and
Biggest burger I've ever seen!! The size of my face!
The restaurant is called Miner's!
tell us what we are doing is a waste of time, etc, but every time I hear this I feel like the prophets in the Book of Mormon who sorrow because of the wickedness of the peopl
e. It makes me sad when people are so hard hearted. 

Today is going to be a pretty exciting 4th of July!! Elder Harman's mom sent a big package with a lot of stuff in it, and we have to be in our apartment by 6, so we're gonna throw our own little 4th of July party. Pretty excited! We also took some pretty good pics this morning. 
Soaking the Branch Presidency

Poor sisters!

Love you all!!!!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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