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Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 - General Conference

Wow what a stellar conference weekend! I honestly can't even begin to describe how amazing conference was!! Everything that was said just rung true and it all had so much more of a deeper meaning for me. I think a lot of it has to do with me being a missionary, but I'm sure watching all sessions and staying awake helped a lot (haha). Each talk was so great, though I'm gonna have to print out Sunday Morning's talks. We watched it in Spanish because Hinocencio came! It was super awesome to have an investigator there but it sure did make it difficult to understand when it was in Spanish. I understood mostly what was going on but not enough specifics to feel comfortable with what was said. 

It was delicious!
It was super cool to have Hinocencio at Conference. We had visited him the night before and he was thinking about going to a party and just "enjoying" his night, but we talked to him and reminded him about how he has a goal to be baptized and if he misses church, keeps drinking, and other stuff, then he wouldn't be able to get baptized. He agreed and came to conference instead! Which was honestly so cool. Refugio and Marisol said that they were going to come to conference, but sadly they didn't show up. We're still unsure why, but they have been progressing a lot. 

We taught them on Wednesday this last week and had an absolutely amazing lesson with them. We got talking about how Marisol feels when she prays, and she kept saying things like "Oh I feel peace and comfort" that kinda thing, so what we did was help her to realize that was an answer to her prayers, and when she did realize this she was like "Oh that is an answer I know this church is true." It was so awesome to see that!!! Now we just have to work on getting Refugio more involved. That same night we also taught Hinocencio with a recent convert returned missionary who was able to share some amazing insight with Hinocencio, and really brought the spirit with him. That last Wednesday was probably one of my favorite days on the mission so far. It was so full of the spirit and teaching was so amazing. 

A birthday celebration for the Sister on the right.
We've been working with a part-member family that just moved into our area and on Monday we decided we'd stop by and get to know the husband more, the wife and kids are members. Well it was an awesome little lesson, but like all Hispanics they just love to feed people and we had just had a huge dinner with members. It's rude to not accept food, so we agreed to eat and the wife just kept loading up our plates. I left their house feeling like I had just had two Thanksgiving dinners I was so full. It was super awesome though. The food was amazing and the family is so cool!

We've spent a lot of time painting a trailer this week for service for a non-member. It's been super fun, but it's taking a long time. (Note: I don't have any pics of this but there might be some on the mission blog). It's starting to look really good, and it's been super fun doing that service. 
Elder Miles "thought this was pretty funny"

I loved Elder Eyring's first talk and Elder Holland's last one. They were both honestly so amazing and during both I was just stunned by what was shared. I loved how much they each talked about how we often struggle with our faith, but when we recognize that we are struggling and we are saddened by that, then we are given more faith. I wish I could just listen to the prophets speak all the time. 

Love you all! 
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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