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Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week has been wonderful, yet sad. I am definitely beginning to understand what it means to feel sorrowful for others who do not have to Gospel, or who do not want to hear it. We spent a lot of time this week tracting and doing our best to find new people to teach. We are very consistently teaching Refugio and Marisol, and Hinocencio, but others just do not want to listen. We also have a lot of first lessons, but then trying to get back into their house to keep teaching them can be so difficult. 

We taught Hinocencio three times this week, but the first two were really strange. He hadn't read or prayed, and didn't really seem to have a desire to change anymore. Then he was drunk our second lesson and just didn't seem to care. It was super hard to see that change and Elder Spackman mentioned that we might have to drop him. So Saturday we planned to have a sit down lesson with him and just be really straightforward with him, and he bailed on us. I figured that was kinda the end and that we wouldn't be teaching him anymore, but Sunday morning he was at church! It shocked me when I saw him. He had called a member and asked for a ride, and when we talked to him he told us that he felt really bad for skipping our lesson, and for not keeping his commitments. He has that desire to better his life again! And at our lesson with him Sunday night he'd spent a good chunk of the day reading the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome to see the difference, and it really was a miracle. 

Refugio and Marisol are also doing super well, but they are just struggling to come to church. They understand everything super well, but they just can't seem to get to church. That's something that we talked a lot with them about on Sunday. They felt like if they were keeping all the commandments that it wasn't necessary for them to go to church, and we were able to explain to them that going to church is also a commandment, and that it's the place where we renew our covenants. An awesome miracle with them this week was we had planned a lesson with them and had planned for a member to come out with us. Well about twenty minutes before the lesson we got a text saying that they were going to be busy and not able to have the lesson. We didn't see this until we got in to car to go over there and just as were about to let our member know that it was canceled he texted us and said that they were already inside visiting with them. Apparently Refugio and Marisol had some friends coming over but when our members showed up they told their friends to wait. What an amazing miracle!

There isn't really too much else to report. I got to give two blessings this week which was really neat. Each time I give one my testimony on the power of the Priesthood grows so much.

We had our first transfer calls this last Saturday and it looks like I'll be in Moses Lake for another six weeks! Though we might be moving apartments. 

A fun little random story. We met a Jamaican guy the other night and he was almost as hard to understand as someone speaking Spanish. There were times during our lesson with him that I thought he had slipped into Jamaican.

It was an absolutely amazing week!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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