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Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 - Miracle Week

Elder Miles and Elder Spackman with investigators
at church on Easter Sunday
This week was super full of miracles and it was absolutely amazing!! We'd been trying so hard to find people lately and the blessings are starting to show. Its crazy how sometimes you just find people that are willing to listen, or others that have been prepared so well that you can't believe they aren't baptized. 

Haha I've had a few other awkward moments this week. We were tracting and I went up to the door and I think I asked her how her day was like four times. There are so many ways to say that in Spanish and I probably said them all. I just couldn't think about what to say. Haha. It was pretty funny.

Elder Miles with other missionaries at Zone Conference
On Tuesday I had my first Zone Conference of the mission. It was super awesome and it reminded me just how awesome President and Sister Lewis are. They are both just so amazing, so filled with the spirit, and so smart. We always joke that they are about as close to perfect as you can get. The message on Tuesday was about Easter. It was mostly centered on the Atonement and how through the Atonement we receive three amazing gifts. The first is Resurrection, the second Redemption, and the third is Relief. Resurrection being the chance to live forever in a perfect
Zone Conference Lunch
body, Redemption is the power to receive forgiveness, and Relief comes through the enabling power of the Atonement, which allows us to be healed of any pain, whether it's spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional. It was a super awesome Zone Conference and I can't wait until the next

Elder Miles attending sealing at
Columbia River Temple in Richland, WA
One of my favorite moments from this week is that Elder Spackman and I had the chance to go to a sealing for one of his converts fromthe beginning of his mission. It was super cool to watch the two of them get sealed, and as I was there I decided that this was going to be my goal for all those I teach. Getting them to the temple is the most important thing. I want to do everything I can to prepare them for that. I decided whenever I'm teaching someone to imagine them in the temple. As I've done that this week I have felt such an increased amount of love for those I teach, and I so desperately want them to receive those blessings. 
Columbia River

We also had the chance to teach Refugio and Marisol again this week! It was a super awesome lesson! We went over the Restoration again to see what their understanding was and they understood it so well and asked some amazing questions. They are so prepared and just need to get their answer. Teaching them has honestly been such a miracle. They were being taught before we came to Moses Lake, but when we got here they didn't really want anything to do with us, but one day Marisol let us in kinda out of nowhere, and they've been awesome ever since. I think the biggest thing is having a friend for Marisol. It makes her excited to listen and learn. Refugio is coming along a lot better as well. When we first them he seemed so bored and uninterested, but now he's making comments and asking questions. 

We taught a guy a few times this week about the Melchizedek Priesthood. He's getting ready to return to Mexico and wanted to get that priesthood before he left. He is so awesome and just soaks everything in. 

We also taught a young couple named Fabian and Marta. The week before Fabian was outside smoking and I felt prompted to go and talk with him. I didn't expect a whole ton I just thought it would be more of a Spanish practice, but he seemed pretty interested and was excited to speak with us. So we taught them and they seemed to be really interested in what we were talking about and when we invited them to baptism they said they needed to learn more, and that they wanted to learn more. My favorite part of this was that when I talked to Fabian it was my first OYM (Open Your Mouth) that I did completely by myself in Spanish. Elder Spackman would always help me a little bit or when I got lost he'd jump in, but this time was special, because I did it myself.

Elder Miles with the Zone Leaders -
Elders Jensen and Wilkey
Another really amazing miracle was we were tracting a street and found absolutely zero Hispanics and nobody interested at all. So we decided to go stop by an LA instead of finishing this street, but as we were walking to our car I saw a little Hispanic family eating dinner through their window, and I felt prompted that we should go talk with them. They let us in and offered us some carne asada, which is another miracle because I was starving (haha), but we sat down and started talking to Jesus, who is the father, and we quickly found that he was prepared forever ago. He was going through a really hard time, and was trying to figure out what to do with his life like 10 or so years ago, and as he was struggling with this he met a member who helped him with everything. If it wasn't for this member his family would have had nothing, and when Jesus finally got back on his feet, he told us that he wanted to find out why that member was so willing to help him. He said that he was willing to do absolutely anything for that member. I was shocked. I couldn't believe he hadn't been baptized before. Everything we taught him just made sense to him, and he is really excited to learn more.

The biggest and coolest miracle was that we had 4 investigators at church!!! And 2 Less Active families! It was super cool to see them all there. The 4 investigators were Yesena, Hinocencio, and Refugio and Marisol. It was so cool to see them all there. The miracle part is that it was the first time for all of them but Yesena. Refugio and Marisol were so unsure on whether or not they wanted to come to church, but they came and loved it. And Hinocencio has flaked on us before but this week he was all dressed up and was groomed really nicely. The best part was that he wasn't hung over. He is a big drinker and he tried so hard the night before to not drink so he could make it to church, he even came though he was sick. It was so awesome to see so many people there, the "fruit of labor" I guess. It makes me want to work even harder. 

We should have had 5 investigators but Jesus didn't wake up on time. We stopped by later that day and he apologized a lot, but we taught him the Restoration and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! Also Hinocencio agreed to be baptized as well! He has a date for May that we are going to try really hard to work with him towards. He's really receptive to everything he just needs to stop drinking and he's set.

It was honestly such an amazing week! Love you all!!

Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

Moses Lake Zone Conference
Elder Miles is on the 3rd row from the front, 8th from the right

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