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Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016

Elder Allsop, Elder Harman, Elder Wunderlich,
Elder Cannon (the one half squatting),
Elder Miles, Elder Kiser - 
Elders Allsop, Harman, Kiser, and I all served
around each other in Yakima. Now we get to see
each other once a month at a meeting! 
This week has been another crazy week. We've had so much going on that I haven't left my study room until 10:25 every night, which means I just brush my teeth, pray, and then go to bed. We've had a lot of things to take care of this week and we're looking at another pretty busy week. I honestly can't remember how much stuff we've had to do but I know it's always been crazy. 

This week we've had quite a few meetings. On Tuesday we had a meeting in Yakima with President and the other Zone Leaders and STLs, then on Thursday we had a meeting with our District Leaders, and then on Saturday we had a meeting with the whole zone. It was crazy and we had to plan for a lot of it, as well as try and get all of the numbers we needed for a meeting with the Stake Presidency that we had yesterday. Even with all of the meetings we've had we have seen some cool miracles. We were teaching this girl named Jenny, and she was progressing super well and reading in the Book of Mormon, but sadly she moved to Mexico this last Thursday, so we got her all set up so hopefully the missionaries down there will help her make the final steps. We also have been working with a lady named Norma. She's the mom of two young kids who is going through the loss of a loved one. We've taught her a few times about the strength that the Book of Mormon can bring into our lives, as well as the Plan of Salvation. 

It was a little foggy Sunday morning,
so we decided it was a nice time to pose
Last night we had the chance to watch the Christmas Devotional and something struck me that I had honestly never thought of before. I don't remember who it was but one of the talks was about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how it is one of the greatest gifts we could ever be given. At one point he said that the Holy Ghost is part of the godhead and for some reason that struck me like it never had before. I realized just how much we take for granted the Holy Ghost in our lives. We literally have one of the godhead promised to be our constant companion. He is one of the 3 most powerful beings ever! And we get him as our constant guide! What an amazing blessing that is for us. I think that so often we think of the Holy Ghost as our buddy when we behave correctly but he is so much more than that. He is a member of the godhead and he is our constant companion. That struck me pretty hard. I had never really thought of it like this but it was definitely a wonderful learning opportunity for me. 

I think that's it for the week! Love you!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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