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Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2106 - Feliz Navidad

I honestly don't know where to begin this week. It feels like so much has happened this week, but it all seems so long ago. This week we had to organize transfers for the zone, which was quite the crazy experience. I don't think I've ever made so many phone calls in my life but it all turned out well in the end. 

This week has been full of some pretty amazing miracles. All of which I am certain are because of the Christmas spirit. We have been invited into so many houses and have had the chance to talk with so many cool people that I honestly am amazed. This week we have found 3 families to teach each of which has some awesome potential, plus we have found several individuals. Each time we taught these families the spirit has been amazing. 

The first family is Jorge and Maria Villamil Rojas with their
Elder miles tracting in the snow, in an orchard
daughter Juliana. They are the happiest people I have ever met. It's amazing. When we first went to knock their door the husband Jorge came down the stairs with the biggest smile on his face and opened the door before we even had to knock. Then when we went back to visit them they let us right in and we had a super spiritual and amazing lesson. 

The next family is the De La Cruz family. We knocked on their door and they instantly let us right in. It turns out that the mom is the sister of one of the members of our ward. We were shocked when we she told us they had never talked to missionaries before. So we taught them the Restoration and the lesson was super powerful. When we talked about Joseph Smith's first vision there was this silence that fell over everyone and it was honestly so cool. 

The last family is the Bernal family. They're great as well. They let us come right in and we shared the Christmas video with them and they were more than happy to let us come back. 

​"Exploring our area a little. Trying to find the Hispanics hiding in the hills."
Oh, we also met a Cuban guy this week who is honestly so cool. He doesn't really have a belief in God but he wants to. We talked with him about the Book of Mormon and how it's the proof that our church is true and a second witness to the bible that Jesus is the Christ. It was a super neat lesson and we are super excited to go back. 

This next week should be fantastic. We are really looking forward to being able to teach these families especially with Christmas coming soon. We're praying that things keep going well for them and that they will be able to receive the answers to their prayers. 

Love you all! Feliz Navidad!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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