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Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 - Slowly Learning

Well it's been a good week. Things are moving a little bit slower. Most of the people that we taught last week seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. It's super weird. Especially really strong investigators like Elario and Roxanna. It's hard to see investigators lose interest or fall off, but it's amazing to see how the Gospel can help people in their lives. On Monday we tracted into this kid named Anthony who was going through a hard time in his life, and was looking for religion. We shared how the Gospel can bless his life and strengthen him in his trials, and he seemed
Elder Miles
interested and that it was giving him a lot to think about, but when we asked him if he wanted to meet with the English Elders he said no. It's like. What?!?! This is exactly what you need but you don't even want to listen. A bummer but everyone has their agency. 

We got to teach Nicolasa this week, the one whose daughter was killed, and she seems to be doing a lot better. She definitely believes the church is true and that the Atonement of Christ can help her in her life. We also stopped by last night and she had her brother there. He is a really cool guy, and seems like he could be a very good potential investigator. He's going to be in the country for a while as he helps his sister. 

We also taught Maria again. She was looking for food to help her kids, but every time we go over there she doesn't seem interested at all. She has no desire to come to church or read at all, which is super sad that she won't even try. 

We also ran into Jesus again. We taught him one of our first few days here and he seemed like he was super interested the first time, but when we taught him this week he seemed more interested in partying than anything else. 

We've thankfully been able to teach quite a few lessons this week, and a majority of them have been in Spanish, which is hard, but nice. The only way I'm gonna learn Spanish is if I speak it. The first half of the week was hard, we had a ton of lessons fall through, I felt like I wasn't learning Spanish at all, it was pretty tough, but thankfully when things are hard God always helps us. 

This week after having a particular tough couple days we had a kinda neat experience. We had stopped to go tracting and I said the prayer. As I was saying the prayer I felt prompted to ask that the first door we knocked on be opened, so we walked up to the door and knocked. We heard someone walk up and the bolt shift on the lock, but no one answered. They had locked the door on us! I was super confused. I had prayed in faith, and felt like I had done what I had been prompted, but it didn't work out. I was trying to figure out why God didn't have the door open as we knocked on other doors on the street. Now we had originally planned to knock just one street, but as we were going I again felt prompted that we should knock on a door that was on a different street than the one originally planned. I was unsure what to do and thought maybe I was just making up stuff, but I figured that if nothing happened we'd only miss about two minutes of tracting. So we knocked and at first nothing happened, the porch light had turned on, and I'm pretty sure he was looking through the peep hole. Then he opened the door and it was this cool Mexican guy named Antonio. He seemed interested and willing to talk and listen, sadly we haven't been able to contact him since, but definitely he is a good potential. I learned from this experience that God was testing me. He wouldn't have given me the second prompting had I not acted on the first. It was hard not getting an answer on the first door, but the witness only comes after the trial of our faith. 

We also had an awesome weekend. We got to see an awesome baptism for an English ward, it was super spiritual and a really cool experience. We also taught a couple named Refugio and Marisol. They had been taught by the other missionaries, but we had been unable to get in contact with them. We finally got to teach them and they seem very genuine and really interested. They have good desires and definitely could be a very strong family. We just need to get them to come to church. 

Bye. Love you all!!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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