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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 7 2017 - A Lot Happened

OK so a ton of stuff happened this week and I'm honestly not sure if I have enough time to write about it all. 

This week we had another MLC down in Yakima but it was a little different than usual. We spent the night before in Wenatchee, but instead of returning to Omak Tuesday night after MLC, we stayed in Yakima to go on exchanges with the Assistants. So that meant I got to be companions with Elder Allsop again for the day!! It was so cool. It felt like nothing had really changed except I had no idea who any of the people were that we taught.

So, because of MLC and exchanges, we didn't do any work in our area until Thursday. Monday was P-Day, and then we drove to Wenatchee, Tuesday was MLC and Wednesday was exchanges and driving. So, the beginning of the week started off very different, but the weekend finished out with a lot of surprises. 

First off, Angel is doing super well. I guess he has been changing a little since we've started working with him, and now his mom is starting to investigate the church as well!! She even came to church on Sunday! It was so awesome to have them at church. They both really enjoyed it and we're super excited for them. We had an awesome lesson with them on Friday at a member’s home and taught them all about repentance and change. After the lesson Angel's mom, Alayna, thanked us for the lesson. She said it was perfect for Angel. Teaching them is super interesting. Angel definitely prefers to speak English, but his grandparents, who are the members, speak little to no English, so our lessons are kind of mostly English with a little mix of Spanish. 

Josh is still doing well. He was sick all weekend and we were gone at the beginning of the week, so we haven't seen him at all this week. He's a cool kid though. He has a lot of good desires. Hopefully I have a better update on him next week. 

The biggest and craziest stuff from this week has to do with Trinidy and Angi. On Saturday, we had a lot of lessons fall through in the evening and we thought "We should see if Trinidy wants to have a lesson." So we sent her a text and her response was "My mom just kicked me out of the house." We were shocked! Thankfully she went over to the Bauer's house, who are basically her second family and also members, and we were able to meet up with her there. We talked for a little and she told us her mom and her got in a big argument and she was "kicked out." So, we had a short lesson with her and watched the video "Live by Faith, Not by Fear" on lds.org. Highly recommended by the way. Then her brother's girlfriend showed up, picked up Trin, and they left. She stayed the night in Omak and came to church on Sunday, but after church she left with her brother's girlfriend to Cheeney, which is a city over by Spokane, and out of our mission boundaries. We aren't quite sure how long she'll be over there but we know that she should be coming back after a week, at least for a little. It doesn't seem like her mom actually kicked her out but Trin seems to be overreacting about something. She is going to try and get an early emancipation, which would be absolutely crazy. So, keep her in your prayers! She's super stressed right now and could really use the help.

Angi also has had a rough go recently. Still hasn't come to church since she was baptized, and she has  been trying to avoid us, but last night we finally caught her at home and sat her down to have a good chat with her. We told her to be completely honest with us and that she didn't have to worry about offending us. She explained to us that she feels super empty and depressed and had been looking for instant gratification. She said she doesn't care about life anymore and that she feels like she has no reason to care about anything. It got pretty intense. The spirit was super thick and we had the chance to share some serious testimony last night with her. We bore testimony on the importance of keeping the commandments and how that makes us happy. How she is a daughter of God, and a ton of other things. The spirit was super thick in that room and my testimony grew tremendously. It was probably one of the most spiritual lessons we've had with her. The last time we had a deep conversation, like we did last night, was a turning point for her in the investigation process, so I'm praying so hard that it's the same right now. Please keep her in your prayers as well. She desperately needs it. 
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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