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Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017 – Angi, Lydia, and Ryley got baptized!!

This week was quite the week! We had a lot going on, but
Top: Elder Allsop, Me, Tasha, Angi, Josh Lyles (Ward Mission Leader)
Bottom: Lydia and Ryley​
the busyness was totally worth it. The biggest part was making sure Angi and her kids were ready and had been taught everything in preparation for their baptisms. We had taught most things but they were missing just a little. It was super fun working with them this week but Angi was still super nervous about going into the water. So one of the lessons had a huge emphasis on the Priesthood and the power of Priesthood blessings. She was excited to learn about that and little Lydia was blown away that we had the Priesthood. 

Another exciting event from this week was that President Lewis came up for interviews on Tuesday and asked to meet Angi and her family after he had finished interviewing all of the missionaries. It was super awesome. He just talked with her and her family a little about the journey they had made to get to this point and about how excited (and nervous) they were. There's a picture on the mission blog of Elder Allsop and I with Angi and her kids after that little meeting. You'll have to try and track in down. 

This is Sister Mills, Tasha (black beanie on), Lydia,
Angi, and Ryley. Sister Mills was a huge fellowshipper
for them. She's taught just about all of Angi's kids.
Of course the biggest update from this week though was the baptism! It was soooo cool! Angi was terrified of the water but we gave her a blessing beforehand and she told us that she felt "a warm fuzzy feeling" come over her and that she felt like it was all going to be okay. When it was time for her baptism she beat the member into the font and had a HUGE smile on her face, and there was absolutely no trace of fear in her. It was so neat! I got to baptize Lydia, which was awesome, and Elder Allsop baptized Ryley. All around it was a neat experience and I am super happy for them. They are going to make great members. Now we want to work with Angi's oldest daughter, Tasha, to help her get baptized. We're hoping by mid-July she'll be ready.

I'm gonna try and attach a little voice note thing that will allow me to explain it more in depth and you'll be able to hear my voice. So look to that for the details. I hope the voice recording makes sense. It honestly was such a cool experience!!!!

One thing I forgot to mention in my voice note was about the Spirit. Angi asked that I give her the blessing before her baptism and it was probably one of the most humbling and powerful experiences ever. I felt completely and 100% guided by the spirit during the blessing. Not a single word I said was my own thoughts and it felt like the Lord was working through me to talk with Angi. It was so neat! This helped me a ton to strengthen my testimony about the Holy Ghost and his role in our lives. 

Everyone else we're working with is doing well. Trinidy is doing good but she didn't come to church on Sunday. Our member told us that she said she was out of town. The garage project is about to be started but we're waiting on just a few members who can help us really get it going. 

Almost ran over a turtle this week.

I honestly think that's it for the week. Making a voice note makes everything much simpler.

Oh and thanks for all your prayers on behalf of Angi. I'm certain they helped her out a lot. Love you all! The church is true!
Elder Miles
Washington Yakima Mission

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