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Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017 – Quick Update

Not quite super sure what to talk about this week. There wasn't a
We went and did a hike last P-Day.  This is the Omak Valley.
You can sorta see Omak off in the middle left side
whole lot that happened and since we talked last night. I guess a quick update on everyone we're teaching. 

Jeff and Amanda are doing really well. They came to Sacrament meeting again yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. They had family coming over afterwards so they didn't stay for all three hours. We've had several awesome lessons with them this week. One, we talked with them about how them getting baptized doesn't just mean that they are now part of the church, but it means that they can start working towards the temple and being sealed for eternity, which seemed to put everything in perspective for them. It was really awesome!

We just picked a mountain and climbed straight up it.
Trinidy is doing well! She really loves learning and has been progressing well. She has had a lot of struggles in her life, but it's been cool because she's already seen how much the Gospel has already affected her. She recognizes that her struggles have lessened since she started learning about the church, and her mom has recognized it as well.

Evva we haven't seen much this week. She's been having a hard time lately and we're not quite sure what's going on. Hopefully we can get back in contact with her this week.

Also we met this awesome other little family. The dad's name is
Dimitri and they're from the Philippines. He is a single dad with a son and a daughter. We met them on Wednesday and then had a return appointment for last night, which was super good. Dimitri is currently Catholic, but he was telling us last night that he only sees church as a place to worship God, not as something that defines him in any way, so we're pretty hopeful for him. As he reads the Book of Mormon he definitely recognizes that there is more for him and his family.

I think that's it! Love you all!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission
​Selfie with Elder Allsop

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