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Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017 - Jose Spoke in Church!!!!!!

First off I'm getting transferred up to the Omak zone with
Hna Gita, me, and Hna Mendez two of the
coolest sisters in the ward. Hna Mendez is
probably the nicest lady I have ever met
Elder Allsop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting to be reunited with my MTC companion! It's going to be absolutely crazy and so much fun! I've been waiting for this since I left the MTC and I'm super stoked. Elder Cannon is getting Elder Harman, who was my companion when I first got to Yakima. It's gonna be so fun! Omak is in the middle of the mountains and is pretty close to Canada. I'll get a chance to get pretty close to the border potentially. 

Okay so this week wasn't the craziest week. We had some good stuff happen, but there wasn't a whole lot of new things. We did a couple of exchanges and I left my area both times. Honestly everything exciting happened this weekend. 

This is Lester. He was baptized at age 11, and is the
only member of his family. He's so cool. Super solid.
On Sunday Nancy came to church and really liked it again. She had some members invite her over for family home evening tonight, so we'll be going over there. She officially has a baptismal date for May 20th, and that's a pretty solid baptismal date. She doesn't understand much but little by little she is learning, but the most important thing is that she is feeling the spirit, and she really likes it. She recognizes that as she has learned more about this stuff, her life has improved and she's a lot happier. It's been really cool. I'm excited to see how she continues to progress. 

Now my favorite part of the week was that Jose Rios gave a
The Martinez family. Me, Alana, Hno Martinez,
baby Mila, Hna Martinez, and Mathias.
One of the coolest families in the branch.
Hno Martinez was Jose's biggest
fellowshipper. They're from Ecuador
talk!! Three weeks after getting baptized and two weeks after becoming a member Jose gave a talk! He talked about the Holy Ghost and shared some of his experiences. It was so cool. It was a fairly short talk but he looked like a member up there. At first he was super nervous but after a few minutes he warmed up and did such a good job. He mentioned that when we first knocked at his door he felt something different, something new, and he liked it, so he let us in. He said that before that moment he never would have opened the door but something led him to open it. It was honestly so amazing!! He also got called to be a ward missionary and is already diving into his new calling. I am so grateful to have been able to be with him during this whole journey, it's been a really special and neat experience. 

Hno Cortez. Probably has one of the coolest
conversion stories ever
I don't have any more time. I've got a lot to deal with because it's transfer week. Love you all!!
Elder Miles

Washington Yakima Mission

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